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How to produce float glass


The float glass manufacturing process can be divided into the following steps: raw material preparation, glass casting, cooling treatment, cutting and polishing.

Raw material preparation

The main raw materials of float glass are silica, alkali metal oxides, fluoride and other chemical substances. These substances are mixed in a certain proportion to make the raw liquid melt of glass.

Glass pouring

The raw liquid melt is poured into the concrete pool, forming a uniform band of liquid glass in the pool. Pure gas is added to the melt surface to make the glass surface even.

Cooling treatment

The melt is cooled in the concrete pool and eventually becomes a flat glass sheet. When the temperature drops to a certain degree, the first layer of the glass surface will solidify and crystallize due to contact with the air.

Cutting and polishing

The glass panels are cut to a standard size and enter the polishing area. In the polishing machine, the glass plate goes through multiple rounds of precision polishing, so that its surface becomes smooth.

The above is the float glass manufacturing process, the process has the characteristics of simple, good control and high efficiency, and has been widely used in the glass manufacturing industry.

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