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Advantages of shower door glass


Why do we say that glass shower doors are the perfect addition to the bathroom

We all know that a shower room can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Also stylish shower door glass is a popular choice that can turn your ordinary bathroom into a sophisticated spa. Let's take a look at the advantages of the shower room

1. Durability and strength

Shower door glass is very strong and durable, it is made of tempered glass, heated to more than 600 degrees Celsius, and then quickly cooled. This process makes it four times stronger than ordinary glass, so it can withstand years of daily use without breaking, and even if the glass does break, it will not be divided into many large pieces with spikes like ordinary glass, but will become small broken glass, which is not easy to cause harm to people

2. Easy to clean

Shower door glass is non-porous and smooth, which means it won't hold dust, dirt, or mold like a traditional shower curtain or door. So we can easily clean it with a squeegee or microfiber cloth

3. Multiple design options

You can decorate your shower door from a variety of finishes, shapes, and etchings to create a customized look. You can choose from a range of glass options including clear, tinted, frosted or textured glass to make your home even more welcoming

In short, adding shower door glass to a bathroom can greatly enhance its function and value. It can complement any bathroom style. Say goodbye to shower curtains and traditional shower doors and give your bathroom a luxurious upgrade with shower door glass that not only makes the bathroom functional but also more beautiful

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