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Why we use Ultra clear float glass to make fish tank?


Ultra white glass is a kind of high transparency tempered glass, its transparency and color performance is much better than ordinary clear glass. The fish tank is made of ultra-white glass, mainly to improve the transparency and beauty of the fish tank. Let's take a look at the advantages of ultra-white glass used in fish tanks:

1. Better transparency: ultra-white glass transparency is relatively high, can provide people with better viewing effect. Ordinary glass is easy to produce color difference, so that the color in the aquarium darkens, and ultra-white glass can keep the color inside the aquarium bright, so that the fish are more beautiful.

2. Better light transmittance: The light transmittance of ultra-white glass is much higher than that of ordinary glass, which can better meet the needs of the creatures inside the aquarium and is conducive to the better survival of fish

3. More beautiful appearance: The color performance of ultra-white glass is superior to ordinary glass, and the surface of ultra-white glass is very clear, without color impurities, which can improve the overall beauty of the fish tank.

4. Higher strength: After tempering, the strength of ultra-white glass is higher than that of ordinary glass. This means that it can withstand greater weight and higher pressure, which provides better fish tank protection.

Therefore, for those who seek high transparency, beauty and strength of the fish tank manufacturers, ultra white glass is a very ideal material, it can provide the best aquarium viewing experience.

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